Explore the All-New CUPRA Born

Say hello to the CUPRA’s first ever fully electric vehicle. The CUPRA Born is an unconventional challenger, delivering electrifying performance.

Due to arrive in the second half of 2023, keep reading below to explore all the exciting features the BORN has to offer.


The CUPRA Born BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) represents the brands first all-electric vehicle and is the ultimate combination of electrification and performance. A triple threat of stimulating design, instantaneous performance and an all-electric range of more than 500 kms, to say we are excited for its impending arrival is an understatement.

With a focus on sophisticated performance, innovation and sustainability, we invite you to explore all the features the new Born has to offer below.


Dynamic Design

With dynamic design and character, the Born is defined by the styling cues taken from the headlamps, and creases in the bonnet that frame the CUPRA badge, which combine to convey strength.

This distinctive style continues on the interior, with the upholstery crafted from a range of materials that deliver a premium, quality feel. Bucket seats are made from SEAQUAL®  yarn, which is made from upcycled marine plastics.

From the iconic CUPRA steering wheel to the copper accents throughout, the Born seamlessly showcases CUPRA’s DNA and is very much leading the brand into the future.

CUPRA Born BEV interior design seating
CUPRA Born BEV Wheels

Electric Powertrain

Don’t be blinded by the beauty, the Born delivers on every front – including power. Underneath sits one of the most advanced electrified powertrains that has been engineered to deliver electrifying performance.

Travel up to 500 km in a single charge thanks to the Born’s 77 kWh battery. Need to get somewhere in a hurry? Not a worry – with fast-charging capabilities you can travel at least 260km with only a 30 minute charge.

Performance and dynamics have been a clear focus for CUPRA when developing this model, with the Born offering instant acceleration of 0-50 km/h in only 2.9s. The driving experience is enhanced by a water-cooled, multi-pouch lithium-ion battery system housed low and centrally in the Born, to offer the car the best centre of gravity.


The Latest Technology and Safety Features

The CUPRA Born is a unique and exclusive car, for those that don’t want to compromise on the latest technology but are conscious of their environmental footprint.

An Augmented Reality Head-Up Display projects crucial driver information such as speed, directions etc. onto the windscreen, layered over your real-world view. With all information directly in the line of sight, you won’t need to take your eyes off the road.

The floating 12-inch touch screen infotainment system features CUPRA’s latest generation of technology. Completely customisable and with the added benefits of voice control, physical buttons and touch screen, you’ve got everything you need at the touch of a button – or voice command.

Enjoy both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, with the option to include a nine-speaker Beats® audio system for the music enthusiasts.

The latest technological advances flow through to the safety features, creating a vehicle that’s as easy and safe on the road as it is high-performing. Adaptive Cruise Control, Travel Assist and Emergency Assist are just a few safety features the Born utilizes.

CUPRA Born Augmented Reality Head-Up Display
CUPRA Born Bev Rear Lights

For those that desire a ride that’s environmentally conscious but dynamic and exciting at the same time, look no further than the all-new Born.

Due to arrive in 2023, we know there will be high demand encourage you to register your interest.

View our full CUPRA range here.

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