• jaguar technicians working in workshop
  • jaguar technicians working in workshop

Jaguar Servicing

Jaguar servicing in Christchurch priced from $575 with a number of added benefits.

For Jaguar servicing in Christchurch and the wider Canterbury area, speak to the professionals at Archibalds Jaguar. As the South Island’s official representative, Archibalds is your best choice for all your Jaguar servicing and repair needs.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Scheduled servicing
  • Repairs
  • Recall checks
  • Software upgrades
  • Parts and accessory upgrades
  • Inspections
  • Windscreen and glass replacement
  • Tyres and wheel alignment
  • SV & SVR performance specialists
  • Complimentary Jaguar Roadside Assistance membership

Archibalds Jaguar is proudly home to the Asia Pacific Region’s top and second runner-up Service Advisors of the Year. Visit us and experience first class levels of customer service. 

Own an older Jaguar? We’re proud to support the Jaguar Drivers’ Club. Established in 1958, this was the first Jaguar club to form outside the UK. Ask us about benefits.

You’ll find us at 38 Tuam Street, Christchurch (view Google Maps). Contact us now for obligation free advice or a quote, or to make a booking with our team.

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Trained and certified by the Jaguar factory, and with years of experience not to mention a personal love of the brand and a suite of Jaguar resources at their disposal, our team are best-placed to diagnose any issues swiftly and efficiently, potentially saving you the cost of lengthy diagnostics or poor quality solutions.

“Fantastic service from the service and the sales teams. Beautifully presented vehicles. My preferred dealership.”

–  Al Man via Google

  • Jaguar technician analysing data
  • Jaguar technician analysing data

Why use an official Jaguar Service Centre?

While there are many workshops out there, only one officially represents the Jaguar badge as a full-service dealership. We don’t take this privilege lightly, always ensuring we promote the Jaguar name to the very best of our ability.

We’re Jaguar

Factory trained technicians with first-hand access to Jaguar’s global network of resources, information, and support. We use genuine Jaguar parts that are guaranteed to last, designed specifically for your Jaguar.

Cost Efficiency

We don’t boast the cheapest hourly labour rate because that shows no respect for the vehicle you’ve invested in. What we do is aim to find the root of the problem swifty and fix it right first time with the best parts, potentially saving you cost and hassle in the long run.

Factory Recalls

All Jaguars that come through our workshop are checked for any outstanding factory recall checks appliable to New Zealand and, if work is required and covered within the recall, we’ll take care of this for you free-of-charge. We can do this because we’re Jaguar.

Complimentary Health Check

Receive a health check during every service, to ensure proactive maintenance of your vehicle. Our friendly team of service advisors will provide you with an assessment of your vehicle and be on-hand to answer any queries you may have.

Complimentary Roadside Assist

When you service your Jaguar with us, we give you a complimentary 12 months’ membership to Jaguar Roadside Assistance.

Personal Care

Not just delivering best-in-class service, our goal is to provide seamless communications. This ensures that your visit to, and ongoing communications from, Jaguar’s approved retailer network and service centres adds to the experience of being a Jaguar customer.

NZ’s Longest Serving Automotive Brand

Archibalds was established over 100 years ago, in 1918. This history of automotive success drives everything we do. Our team honour those who represented the business before us with exceptional levels of quality work.

  • Jaguar technician inspecting brake pads
  • Jaguar technician inspecting brake pads

What’s included in a Jaguar service?

If your Jaguar is either New Zealand-new and older than 5 years, or imported at any age, when you service at an official Jaguar workshop you’ll benefit from our Continuous Care service package, which includes all parts and labour costs associated with the following:

  • Service inspection
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Engine oil replacement
  • Diagnostic systems check
  • Windscreen washer fluid
  • Consumables and top up maintenance fluids up to 500ml
  • Factory recall checks (with work carried out free of charge as needed and confirmed with you)
  • Wash and interior vacuum
  • Complimentary 12 months’ Jaguar Roadside Assistance membership

Maintenance wear items will be inspected for condition and manufacturer recommended service interval items will also be reviewed. If we identify any areas of concern, our friendly team will provide you with our advice and a quote for repair options, and we can complete the work pending your approval.

How much does it cost to service a Jaguar?

Servicing for New Zealand-new Jaguar under five years is typically covered within the new vehicle service plan. For all others, a Jaguar service costs from $575 for 4-6 cylinder 2/3 litre engines, or from $675 for 6 cylinder SC to 8 cylinder 3 litre engines and above. Pricing excludes any additional service items or extra work.

The Jaguar Experts

Our technicians are proud to wear the Jaguar badge on their uniforms. Trained and certified by the Jaguar factory, and with years of experience not to mention a personal love of the brand and a suite of Jaguar resources at their disposal, our team are best-placed to diagnose any issues swiftly and efficiently, potentially saving you the cost of lengthy diagnostics.

Once we’ve quickly got to the root of the problem, we aim for a ‘fix it right first time’ approach to ensure you’re back on the road as fast and as cost efficiently as possible. Our genuine Jaguar parts come with a 12-month factory guarantee when fitted by our team.

Grant Piper

Grant Piper
Jaguar Technician

Roger Davies

Roger Davies
Jaguar Technician

Wikus Visser

Wikus Visser
Jaguar Technician

Curtis Valaidum

Curtis Valaidum
Jaguar Technician

Alex Dashkin

Alex Dashkin
Jaguar Technician

Viresh Maharaj

Viresh Maharaj
Jaguar Technician

Mahi Prasad

Mahi Prasad
Jaguar Technician

Woo Choi

Woo Choi
Jaguar Apprentice Technician

  • Archibalds Dealership exterior at sunrise

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If you have a question and don’t require an appointment date, complete the form below or call us on 03 377 5200.

Alternative, you can book an appointment at our workshop or call us on the number above.

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Please note: The Jaguar Continuous Care Offer applies to eligible Jaguar vehicles more than 5 years old or grey import vehicles of any age, and does not include vehicles under our current 5 Year Service Plan. Service packages do not include additional maintenance items not specified in the Continuous Care Fixed Price Service list. Prices include GST.