Jaguar Freedom Finance

What is Jaguar Freedom Finance ?

To put it simply, Jaguar Freedom Finance  is a finance agreement whereby we offer the option of guaranteeing the minimum future value of your Jaguar at the time of purchase. What makes it an attractive finance option is that Freedom Finance  gives you the chance to potentially pay a lower weekly/monthly amount compared to other finance plans, and at the end of the finance term, you have the choice to either own, trade in, or return your Jaguar.

How does Jaguar Freedom Finance  work?

  1. Choose your Jaguar model
  2. Agree on an upfront deposit, weekly payments, and term of loan
  3. Set the agreed annual maximum mileage

After you’ve selected your Jaguar model, at the beginning on the loan, we agree on the car’s value at the end of the loan term, which is the guaranteed future value of the vehicle. The value is determined based on factors such as the vehicle’s make and model, its expected depreciation over the loan term, and the expected resale value. Then you’d agree on an upfront deposit, weekly payments, and set the agreed annual maximum mileage.

The payments you make on the car loan only cover a portion of the vehicle’s total value, then at the end of the agreement you’ll have the choice to either:

  • RETAIN – Keep your Jaguar by making the final payment.
  • RENEW – Upgrade and exchange your Jaguar for the next model. You can use the difference as a down payment for the following model if the trade-in value of your Jaguar is greater than the balance still owed.
  • RETURN – Simply hand back the keys of your Jaguar without making the final payment. (Some fees and excess charges apply.)

If you decide to return the car, it’s important that it is in good condition and has not exceeded any mileage limits set at the start of the loan term. If your vehicle meets these requirements, then you can simply hand back the keys and you’re good to go. However, if the car is damaged, or the set mileage has been exceeded, additional fees or charges may apply.

Lending criteria, fees and charges apply.

Who offers Guaranteed Future Value?

Archibalds is in a fortunate position whereby we represent a number of global vehicle marques along with their associated internal or preferred third-party finance companies, as well as hosting our own direct partnerships with trusted finance providers.

Find out more about Guaranteed Future Value finance options and discover our vehicle brands that have created their own Guaranteed Future Value plans either internally or via their preferred lenders.

Note: Video by Jaguar Asia Pacific . Details, terms, and conditions may vary in New Zealand. See our team for details.

How can I get Guaranteed Future Value?

Guaranteed Future Value is available on many new vehicles in our range. To find out more, speak to our in-house finance professionals on  03 377 5200 or complete the form below to get started.

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For any finance product, lending criteria, fees and charges apply. Finance lending is also subject to the criteria defined by each lender.

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