New CUPRA Born VZ on the road

Welcome to the Game: The New CUPRA Born VZ

With the CUPRA Born being the first fully electric model, a milestone from CUPRA, the new VZ model is promised to bring even more intensity, proving once again that electrification and performance are a perfect match.

The CUPRA Born VZ takes the advanced powertrain technology of the original CUPRA Born and cranks the dial-up. The all-electric vehicle now boasts ultra-performance, delivering 240kW/h which is a 40% increase over the e-boost version, and a staggering 545Nm Torque, meaning the CUPRA Born VZ can reach 100m/h from a standing start in just 57 seconds.

Dynamic improvements to the vehicle braking technology give the Born VZ a stiffer, more robust brake feel, helping increase the vehicle’s directness, and reducing softness compared to standard variants of the CUPRA Born. With new DCC sport suspension, the vehicle is also more responsive to driver styles than ever.

Despite all the performance improvements, you can drive the CUPRA Born VZ knowing that there has been no sacrifice to efficiency, with the Born VZ having an improved battery pack, offering the ability to travel up to 570km* with 79k Wh of net capacity.

To add the icing to the cake, or alloy wheels on the rims as we like to say, the CUPRA Born VZ can be recharged at home using an 11kW AC system or at a DC 170kW fast-charging point. This means a fast charge from 10 to 80% would take within 30 minutes*.

Cupra Born VZ close up on the VZ
Colour born CUPRA BORN VZ

Colour Born

Made exclusively for the CUPRA Born VZ, there are now two new colour options: Dark Forrest and Midnight Black.

Aesthetics meets performance with the introduction of two new 20” alloy wheels, with different technologies like 3D copper inserts or forged technology which further emphasises the Born VZ’s sporty spirit. The finishing touch for the brand’s latest 100% electric vehicle is the VZ logo in dark chrome on the boot, as well as the CUPRA lettering in dark chrome colour.

The Inside Scoop

Inside, the CUPRA Born VZ features a stunning, emotional design. Exclusive for the VZ, standard CUP Bucket seats have been installed, with a lower seating feeling to deliver a more ergonomic, sporty seating position. These exclusive VZ seats are made from upcycled SEAQUAL® YARN as well as DINAMICA with 73% recycled polyester.

In the rear of the vehicle, thanks to the improvements of the chassis setup, the CUPRA Born VZ can offer both five-seat comfort and the vivacity of a sunroof in the same package.

Regenerative Braking for a New Generation

The CUPRA Born VZ also incorporates regenerative paddle shifts on the steering wheel allowing drivers to choose between three different levels of energy recuperation. When the accelerator is released, the motor acts as a generator to feed energy back into the battery, pushing energy back into the powertrain and reducing wear and tear on the brakes. For greater control of the regenerative characteristics, drivers are able to use the paddle shifter to cycle through the three different levels while in ‘D’ mode, helping to match driving style.

Cupra Born VZ infotainment.


Moving forward always, CUPRA Born VZ digitalisation benefits from a new and larger floating 12.0” infotainment system. Mixing the benefits of touchscreen inputs with a new retro illuminated touch bar, the VZ Born allows you to adjust climate and volume.

Immerse Yourself in Sennheiser

The CUPRA Born VZ fuses a new optional high-fidelity 10-speaker audio sound system developed in collaboration with premium audio firm Sennheiser. The formidable 425-watt system immerses the driver and the passenger in a unique sound experience, while also enhancing the interior finish with its metallic grille. The chosen Sennheiser audio technology incorporates Sennheiser’s AMBEO Concerto software, which can distil fundamental components of music, including different instruments and room information, redistributing them throughout the car.

Lighting the Way Intelligently

The interior is illuminated with Smart Light Technology as CUPRA standard. Easily confused with ambient lighting, this is a new dimension of human-machine communication.

With full LEDs wrapping horizontally around the width of the dashboard enhancing specific features, giving warnings and indications to the driver and other occupants. Information including state of charge, onboard driver’s assistant systems (Front Assist, ACC, and C2X danger warning); as well as locking and unlocking, and entry and exit. These visual cues add another level of awareness, making the CUPRA Born VZ safer and smarter.

CUPRA’s dedication to safety and convenience is instantly recognisable from the large range of upgraded and new advanced driver assistance systems available, integrated to aid and support the driver no matter the situation.

Cupra Born VZ CUP seat details.
Cupra Born VZ on the street with a yellow sign

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Lane Assist

Travel Assist 2.6 combines the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Lane Assist (guides you in the centre of the lane) to improve the driving experience of the CUPRA Born VZ, but this new version includes improvements when driving on poorly marked roads, thanks to the information received from the cloud. It also offers lane change support when you drive on highways.

Hassle-Free Remote Park Assist

Parking is now incredibly easy; the new Remote Park Assist allows the driver to finish parking manoeuvrers with their smartphone, while Trained Parking Assist allows the vehicle to learn how to park in regular sport by storing the characteristics and trajectory in a map. And for everyday parking, no matter the location, Top View Camera gives drivers a 360° view of the vehicle and its environment.

Side Assist

The safety and convenience technology suite also includes Side Assist to protect from vehicles in the blind spot, or those that are fast approaching. Front Light Assist automatically controls headlight functionality, Dynamic Road Sign Display to interpret traffic signs, and Exit Warning for obstacles while exiting when parked.

Cupra born VZ full body shot


CUPRA is determined to balance the need for mobility with responsibility for the environment. This commitment led to the creation of the CUPRA Born, the first model delivered with a net CO2-neutral concept. By utilising energy from renewable sources in its supply chain and offsetting the remaining emissions through investments in certified environmental and project initiatives, CUPRA sets a high standard for sustainability.

This approach is further improved upon and exemplified in the CUPRA Born VZ. The CUPRA BORN VZ will be launched in the third quarter of 2024.

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Please note

*Maximum power determined according to UN GTR.21, available for max. 30 seconds. The power output available in individual driving situation depends on variable factors such as ambient temperature, temperature / charging / conditioning status or physical ageing of the high-voltage battery. Availability of maximum power requires a specific high voltage battery temperature of between 23-50ºC and a battery charge level greater than 55% to deliver around 170kW for 58kWh (62kWh Gross) battery, and temperature of between 23-50ºC and a battery charge level greater than 85% to deliver around 170kW for 77kWh (82kWh Gross) Battery. Any deviations from the aforementioned parameters can lead to reduced power output and even to the overboost not being available at all.

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