Surfers at The Single Fin Mingle

Archibalds CUPRA joins The Single Fin Mingle for the dance of the decade

We’re thrilled to share that Archibalds CUPRA has officially partnered with The Single Fin Mingle, New Zealand’s largest surfing event.

This year marks an exciting new chapter as Archibalds CUPRA officially becomes friends of The Single Fin Mingle event, amplifying the waves of excitement for the event’s milestone tenth year – the dance of the decade.

The Single Fin Mingle represents New Zealand’s largest surfing event, drawing 85 of the world’s best longboard surfers to Christchurch’s seaside village of Sumner. With a rich tapestry of surf competitions, film, art exhibitions, and musical performances, The Single Fin Mingle promises an unforgettable experience for all who attend.

Music festival at the Single Fin Mingle

The Single Fin Mingle 2024

Join us for the dance of the decade at Christchurch’s 2024 Single Fin Mingle. Let’s celebrate 10 years of surf, art, music, and film.

  • 4th - 7th April 2024
  • Sumner Village

Beyond the surf is the community

Beyond the thrill of the surf, The Mingle becomes the centre of attention for a very special area of the Christchurch region in which many Archibalds guests call home. It’s the largest event of the year for the beachside village of Sumner and a focal point for community spirit, bolstering the local economy and creating friendships that endure long after the waves have settled. The Mingle’s commitment to charitable causes underscores its deep-rooted values with organisations like the Sumner Longboarders Surfable Day, Hawkes Bay flood drives, the Mangamanu Preservation Society, Thanks Youth Foundation, and the Red Cross among the beneficiaries.

Sustainability, performance, and creativity

This partnership provides one of Archibalds’ rapidly growing brands, CUPRA, a platform to express its focus on sustainability, performance, and creativity. Archibalds CUPRA aligns with The Mingle’s values which assist in the expression of our edgy, accessible, and premium CUPRA marque to surf, music, fashion, and art-loving eventgoers while increasing exposure for the brand in our region.


At the core of our lively celebration lies The Single Fin Mingle’s traditional surfing contest, spanning three days along Sumner’s Scarborough beach. This exclusive competition spotlights a handpicked array of top-tier longboard surfers, gracing the waves in a manner befitting their talent. Against a backdrop of smooth jazz, wood-fired pizza aromas, bubbling spa pools, freshly brewed coffee, and a beachfront bar, this event stands out as a truly unique competition experience.

Female surfer at the Single Fin Mingle


The intertwining of art and classic surfing forms a cornerstone of The Single Fin Mingle, exemplified by The Mingle’s Art Exhibition at LEstrange Gallery in Sumner – a cherished facet of the weekend festivities. Last year, The Mingle showcased a captivating group exhibition featuring emerging local talents, while the preceding year spotlighted the masterful works of Phillip Trustrum, one of New Zealand’s preeminent painters.

Art goers at the Single Fin Mingle


Film has long been a fuel for surf culture. It inspires surf identity, encourages creativity and ultimately brings the Single Fin Mingle community together. Since 2015, The Single Fin Mingle has been showcasing some of the world’s most epic surf films.

Film at the Single Fin Mingle


The amalgamation of musicians, attendee fashion, awards, and joyful vibe offers one of the most extraordinary musical celebrations. Following its sold-out success in 2023, The Mingle are poised to elevate the experience even further for what promises to be the biggest event to date in 2024.

Music festival at the Single Fin Mingle

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Surfers at The Single Fin Mingle

Archibalds joins The Single Fin Mingle for the dance of the decade

We're thrilled to share that Archibalds CUPRA has officially partnered with The Single Fin Mingle, New Zealand's largest surfing event.
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