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Porsche ornament on a christmas tree

Porsche Christmas Gift Ideas

Elevate your Christmas gifts with our selection of Porsche accessories and merchandise for the Porsche enthusiast in your life.
Jaguar F-Pace in snow

Essential Strategies to Master Winter Driving

Discover expert advice for confident winter driving. Stay safe on challenging roads with our comprehensive tips and strategies.
Audi RS 4

Audi TFSI and TDI explained

We explain what Audi TFSI and Audi TDI engines are, how they work, and how they deliver the thrilling driving experience Audi's are renowned for.
Polestar Servicing

Can I service Polestar at Volvo?

Considering a Polestar and wondering where it can be serviced? Find out where you can service your Polestar in New Zealand here.
Porsche Taycan EV at birdlings flat during sunset

How to Maximise Electric Vehicle Range

In this blog, we explore ways to maximise your electric vehicle's range, covering all the tips and tricks on how to get the best performance out of your EV.
Porsche PCCM unit installed

Upgrade Your Classic Porsche with the PCCM System

Discover the benefits of the Porsche Classic Communication Management (PCCM) system installation process at Archibalds Porsche.
What is a Sportback?

What is a Sportback?

You may have come across the term 'Sportback' on your car buying journey, but what is a Sportback and what does it mean?
Audi Connect plug and play

What is Audi connect plug and play?

The Audi connect plug and play app allows you to connect to your car taking comfort and driving enjoyment to a new level, providing you with up-to-date vehicle information when you need it.
Discovery 5 InConnect homescreen

What is Land Rover InControl?

InControl is a suite of services available to modern Land Rover owners that allow the user to view information on - and even have limited control - of their Land Rover using the Land Rover Remote app.
Audi RS 3

What’s the difference between Audi RS vs S vs S line?

We explain the difference between the Audi S, Audi S line, and Audi RS sport badges, along with their models and history.