Discover the SEAQUAL YARN interior of the CUPRA Born

As we edge closer to the arrival of the highly-anticipated CUPRA Born, we thought it an apt time to explore the innovative material that the all-new, all-electric vehicle’s seats are crafted from.


In an era where environmental issues are at the forefront of our collective consciousness, making sustainable choices has increasingly become a defining factor for those looking at stepping into a new car.

As vehicle enthusiasts continue to seek eco-friendly substitutes, automotive manufacturers are consistently finding innovative ways to further meet this ever-growing demand. A brand at the forefront of innovative sustainability choices is CUPRA, whose commitment is clearly highlighted in their newest EV, the Born.

Inside the Born are seats crafted from SEAQUAL YARN, a high-quality, 100% post-consumer recycled polyester fabric, manufactured from plastic waste extracted from oceans, rivers, and estuaries.

What makes this sustainable choice so fantastic is that SEAQUAL YARN is almost identical in physical properties to virgin polyester, so lucky owners of the Born still enjoy that new car feeling knowing they’re also helping to reduce plastic waste in our ocean. CUPRA’s partnership with SEAQUAL is a natural alignment for the two brands, both sharing the commitment to making sustainable choices that better our environment. With the CUPRA Born, sustainable driving now encompasses not only an eco-friendly driving experience but also the unique touch of ethically sourced materials.

Transforming ocean plastic into luxury

The SEAQUAL INITIATIVE works alongside a group of dedicated fishermen, NGOs, local councils, and communities to collect waste material. Based on the circular economy, the project contributes to the continuous cleaning of our seas, rivers, and oceans.

The collected rubbish undergoes sorting to separate the plastic, which is subsequently cleaned and processed into recycled marine plastic. The ultimate outcome is the creation of SEAQUAL YARN.

“With the CUPRA Born, our first 100% electric vehicle, we’re entering a new electric era. The partnership with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE to create the seats for this new model demonstrates that sustainability, innovation and contemporary design are a perfect combination.” – Antonio Labate, CUPRA Director of Strategy.

200 tones

Of marine litter has been transformed into SEAQUAL products

600 tonnes

Of marine waste has been removed from our oceans.

CUPRA Born SEAQUAL Bucket Seats

Learn more about SEAQUAL

SEAQUAL YARN is being utilised in various industries across the world, including apparel and accessories, furnishings, and technical textiles.

Learn more about the work they undertake and the impact SEAQUAL YARN is having on SEAQUAL’s website.

Test drive the CUPRA Born

The CUPRA Born is coming to Archibalds. Join us from the 3rd of July – the 11th of July as we host the all-new, all-electric, CUPRA Born. One of only two models currently in New Zealand, this is your chance to test drive the CUPRA Born, a triple threat of dynamic design, instantaneous performance, and an all-electric drive. Limited test drive spots are available, so be sure to register below.

Blue CUPRA Born front
  • Archibalds CUPRA
  • 3 - 11 July 2023
  • Experience the all-new all-electric CUPRA Born

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