An Audi driver holds a mobile phone showing the Audi Connect app

What is Audi connect?

If you buy a new vehicle today, you’d be pretty surprised if it didn’t have some kind of mobile phone connectivity option. Most modern vehicles include a method to connect a mobile phone to the car’s media system, either via USB or wirelessly by Bluetooth or even WiFi.

Two highly adopted forms of this are Apple CarPlay and Android Auto; systems that are effectively third-party add-ons to your media system that add some very nice features. While these are excellent options that you should look for on your new car’s specsheet, the one downfall that they have is that they don’t typically offer features outside of your phone’s own app system. Specifically, they don’t really integrate with the vehicle’s own operations.

That’s where Audi connect comes in.

Audi Connect isn’t a replacement to Apple and Google’s software, it’s a dedicated cloud based service designed to communicate directly with your car and unlock a suite of extra functionality through the myAudi app, all designed to enhance your vehicle ownership experience.

A lady uses the Audi Connect app on her phone to operate the vehicle parked outside her window

Audi say: Connected anytime, any place; the use of online services and portals and optimal communication capabilities in the car – these are the requirements that Audi fulfills with the comprehensive range of services and functions of Audi connect. From social media portals and music streaming to online updates of navigation data, Audi connect is the gateway to numerous cloud applications available to Audi customers.

Audi connect is designed with a focus on safety by minimising driver distraction. Operation of the connect functions is therefore optimally adapted to the situation in the vehicle. With Audi connect, the car becomes part of a global network with personalised services available online and via a smartphone app.

What can Audi connect do?

Similar to familiar functions already available on your phone, Audi connect and the myAudi app can provide you with personalised news content, weather forecasts, voice recognition, and more.

What makes Audi connect unique are the tools available to you to interact with your car on a whole new level.

A lady stands next to a car while viewing her phone

Remote Vehicle Security

Through myAudi and Audi Connect, you can lock, unlock, and even set a geofence or speed limit for your vehicle from your smartphone.

In the real world, this could look like your mobile phone notifying you if your vehicle leaves your home area without your knowledge, or exceeds a speed limit that you’ve set (handy for monitoring the teenage driver in your life!). You can also receive an alert if your vehicle believes it is in the act of being broken into.

A man using a smartphone in an Audi case

Alert Systems for Safety and Servicing

If your vehicle identifies that it’s been in a collision, it can contact emergency services automatically and even dispatch the vehicle’s GPS location.

In case of a breakdown or mechanical fauly, the Online Roadside Assistance Centre is only a click away.

The vehicle can also notify your preferred dealer (Archibalds Audi, of course!) when it’s time to come in for a service.

Roadside Assistance is included with new Audi vehicles can can be arranged as an add-on for older cars.

Audi EV Charging

Audi EV Owner?

Audi connect also includes functions specifically designed for owners of the Audi e-tron EV range.

From your phone, you’ll be able to monitor the current charging status of your vehicle so you know when it’s time to leave, or even remotely stop the charging process.

The app can also provide you with information on your driving behaviour and its affect on your vehicle’s driving efficiency and range (leaving the choice as to whether you change that behaviour or not up to you!).

Finally, get your vehicle ready to go and keep it at the perfect interior cabin temperature by remotely activating your climate control system.

The Audi Q3 SUV in white on a road

Which vehicles include Audi connect?

If you’re buying an Audi A6, Audi A8, Audi Q8, or Audi e-tron model produced from the second week of 2019 then your vehicle will come with Audi connect enabled. Audi connect services are also available as an optioned extra on the new Audi A1 through its infotainment package, the Audi Q3 Advanced through a connectivity package, and on all Audi Q3 S line vartiants as standard.

Audi connect will continue to roll out across the new Audi range as models are released.

Where can I find the app?

If you have the right vehicle, or you’d just like to download the app in preparation for your New Car Day, then you can find the app on the relevant app store for your device on the links below:

If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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