Interior of a Porsche with connectivity

Expanded Functionality for Porsche Infotainment System

Porsche’s infotainment system is receiving an impressive upgrade. The Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system in the 911, Taycan, Cayenne and Panamera models now come with many new functions to help make driving and connectivity more intuitive.

For the first time, Spotify will now be integrated into Porsches, and a revised interface design will hold additional optimisation of Voice Pilot voice assistant, wireless Android Auto connection, and more resources to help make planning for charging stops a breeze.

An Easier to Use PCM

To aide in usability, new coloured icons have been added to functions to make the PCM 6.0 as user friendly as possible. Suggested by customers, Porsche is excited to unveil these changes, which will help in efficiency while driving.

A clearer display has also been added, as has improved scope for Voice Pilot. The integrated voice assistant adds to the usability, making it a breeze to access several functions including news, the operating manual, and in-car music streaming.

Spotify Integration

Spotify songs and podcasts are now even easier to access with native integration. Spotify Premium customers have the option to link their account to their vehicle by using their Porsche ID to add Spotify as an additional media source. There’s no need to involve a smartphone, simply log in and connect straight from your vehicle. The new integration gives drivers access to 70 million songs and 3.2 million podcasts and displays the “like” function, all saved playlists, and the “Go to Radio” option, allowing you to find songs similar to the one playing.

Help for Electric Drivers

Electric cars need efficient planning when taking a long route. Porsche’s new functionality improves the calculation of charging sessions using the Charging Planner. The algorithm helps drivers find charging stations that offer a higher energy output and aides in planning charging stops in the most efficient manner. Even better, the Charging Planner calculates the amount of time needed to start and end a charge experience and adds it to the total driving time. This added functionality helps alleviate a lot of planning and stress related to range anxiety.

A dynamic zoom function for charging stations has also been added. This system shows all available charging options nearby, and information about whether or not they’re in use. When zooming out, you’ll find fast-charging stations only, making it easy to plan your trip, but you can also search for charging points based on output.

The new functions are now standard on every new configured Porsche 911, Taycan, Cayenne and Panamera. The exact scope depends on the equipment and powertrain type of the vehicle. Get in touch with our vehicle specialists to learn more.

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