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How to Maximise Electric Vehicle Range

The range of electric vehicles, (much like the fuel efficiency of petrol and diesel vehicles), can be influenced by a range of factors – a large number of which are controllable. In this blog, we explore ways to maximise your electric vehicle’s range, covering all the tips and tricks on how to get the best performance out of your EV. 

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What is WLTP electric vehicle range?

The WLTP is a real-world test that measures vehicle emissions and range. The WLTP simulates day-to-day driving with every model variant, anywhere in the world. Speed, duration, and distance are the key aspects measured, alongside braking, top times, and acceleration phases. We rely on the WLTP test to produce the most accurate, real-world range estimate for electric vehicles.

Our tips to maximise Electric Vehicle range

Switch into eco mode

Switch into eco mode. Eco mode is an adjustable driving mode you’ll find on nearly every electric vehicle. As the name suggests, it’s a way to conserve battery energy. Whilst each vehicle brand does this differently, when you switch into eco mode you’ll find that the vehicle will generally lower the torque, and adjust climate control systems, sound systems, and lighting. These minor adjustments (that’ll likely go noticed) play a large part in maximising your electric vehicle range.

When to use eco mode

You can use eco mode on both short and long trips when you don’t need that extra boost of power.

Efficient driving

It goes without saying for all vehicles (petrol and diesel included) that the way you drive influences vehicle range – whether it’s petrol at the pump or that extra charge in the morning. An easy way to ensure you’re maximising your electric vehicle range is to drive efficiently. This can be achieved by:

  • Accelerating gradually
  • Avoiding harsh braking
  • Utilise regenerative breaking
  • Activating cruise control, which helps to maintain a consistent speed with less braking and accelerating

Regenerative braking or EV recuperation is a braking system that allows vehicles to recapture energy whilst braking to recharge the battery. The majority of electric vehicles utilise regenerative braking, which can be controlled through different modes activated by the driver (eco mode, for example).

Pre-condition your EV

A fantastic way to maximise your electric vehicle range is to pre-condition your vehicle. In comparison to your traditional ICE vehicle, EVs don’t have enough waste heat to cycle into the cabin. Because of this, air conditioning systems use electrical energy, which in turn impacts the range of your vehicle.

A great way to avoid this (and in turn, ensure your electric vehicle range longevity) is to pre-condition your vehicle. This can be activated via the car’s infotainment system, or remotely via a smartphone app. By setting your daily departure times, your vehicle will heat or cool its interior to optimum temperature – simply get in and go! Pre-conditioning your EV means that when the car is plugged in, power is drawn from the mains and not the car, and therefore has no impact on your electric vehicle range and you start the journey with a full battery. Plus, you’ll waste no time waiting for your windows to clear or defrost!

Whilst this won’t extend your electric vehicle’s range, it will preserve the predicted range available to you at the start of a journey.

The same concept applies when you’re out driving – laying off the air conditioning, heating, seat warmers etc. when possible will help you maintain your electric vehicle’s range.

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Check your tyres

Maintaining your tyre pressure is important in any vehicle – especially an EV. Correctly inflated tyres help to reduce rolling resistance – one of the primary sources of energy consumption in a vehicle. On the other side, overinflated tyres can also reduce your electric vehicle’s range as they could cause your vehicle to bounce more, in turn increasing aerodynamic drag and reducing efficiency.

Keeping your tyres inflated at the correct pressure allows your EV to perform to its full potential. The correct tyre pressure for your vehicle can typically be found in the owner’s manual or on a sticker, located on the driver’s side doorjamb. If you run into any trouble, visit our showroom and we’ll be able to assist.

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Ditch the bike racks

If you’ve got any additional accessories on your vehicle that you’re not making use of, consider removing them. Bike racks, roof boxes, etc. not only add extra weight to your vehicle but could also hinder the aerodynamics of your EV.

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In conclusion, there are many ways you can maximise the range of your electric vehicle. By following these tips and adopting a few simple driving habits, you can easily maximise the range of your electric vehicle.

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Things you should know

International models might be shown for illustrative purposes only, and New Zealand specifications may vary. Please speak with our team for more information. Electric vehicle/mode ranges are shown using WLTP (real-world driving test). This is variable based on driving conditions, style, situation and terrain. The average New Zealander drives approx. 40 km per day.