What is MHEV?

 If you’re in the market for a new electric vehicle, you’ve likely seen the term ‘MHEV’ on different vehicles. While manufacturers race to create electric vehicles , it seems like petrol vehicles have been left behind, right? Wrong. Here, we dive into what MHEV is, how it differs from electric vehicles, and what vehicles you can find them in. 

Jaguar F-PACE static photo in snow

Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicles

This refers to the vehicle having technology that intelligently recovers energy that would normally be lost when slowing down and redeploys it to boost power to your engine for increased efficiency. 

‘MHEV’ means ‘Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle.’ This means the vehicle can recover energy that would otherwise be lost when slowing down and redistributes it to boost power to the engine, increasing efficiency. 

Jaguar F-Pace driving down road

What are the benefits of MHEV over a regular electric vehicle? 

Jaguar is a brand that has made leaps and bounds in the new age of electric technology, while keeping true to its heritage of combustion engines. These mild hybrid cars cleverly combine Jaguar’s efficient Ingenium petrol or diesel engine with a powerful underfloor battery so the engine can be turned off when coasting, braking, or stationary. Energy that would normally be lost when slowing down is collected and stored to be internally reused as power. In an age of increasing fuel prices, this may be the best option for those who value efficiency as well as the power of a petrol engine. 

Jaguar F-PACE driving in the snow from rear

Why does this matter?

In September 2018, an all-new standard for European vehicle fuel efficiency ratings for petrol, diesel, electric, and hybrid vehicles was put in place. WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure) replaces the current NEDC (New European Drive Cycle) standard. Vehicles with petrol, diesel, and hybrid engines (MHEV or PHEV)  now come with highly accurate emissions figures, in addition to their fuel consumption. Electric vehicles will also include figures for their energy consumption. 

On average, it was found that Mild Hybrid technology is said to be up to 15% more efficient than its conventional counterpart. For those looking for internal combustion vehicles with the best fuel efficiency, it’s hard to go past the MHEV. While driving you won’t even notice the vehicle working hard to save you petrol, but your wallet will thank you for it. 

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