• Volvo Warranties

Volvo Warranties

Volvo is famously known for safety and reliability, with a long and rich history of designing and engineering its cars around people. Our approach sets us apart in the automotive industry. We stand behind this approach with a free 3 year, unlimited kilometre, warranty on all new Volvo vehicles, as well as a 3 year unlimited kilomentre service plan. This commence from the date of first registration and will contribute to making your car ownership as safe and comfortable as possible.

Using Genuine Parts

We are confident that our cars, which are among the world’s safest, are also built to last. However, any unforeseen manufacturing issues with the car that are covered by the factory warranty will, of course, be promptly remedied free of charge, by Volvo-trained technicians using Volvo Genuine Parts.

Transferable to new owners

This peace of mind is at the heart of our warranty. Volvo is willing to stand behind their products to keep the owner safe and get them back on the road as quickly as possible. It provides Volvo owners with peace of mind for up to 3 years from their new vehicle purchase. In addition, if you decide to sell your new Volvo before the warranty expires, the warranty follows the car and is transferred to the next owner, which we consider an important benefit in securing peace of mind for the subsequent owner. This will also help you to attract more buyers once the time comes to sell.

Volvo Service Department of the Year Award

Service Retailer of the Year

Archibalds Volvo is proud to have been awarded the highly-competed title of Volvo Service Retailer of the Year 2021. Accepted by our Service Manager, David Emms, this follows previous awards for Service Manager of the Year as well as Volvo Customer Champion 2020.

It’s fair to say, you and your Volvo are in good hands when you service with Archibalds Volvo.

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Your Warranty Coverage

Should any part of the vehicle require repair or replacement as a result of manufacturing defect, the part will be repaired or replaced free of charge by any Volvo dealer or workshop authorised by Volvo, regardless of any change of vehicle ownership during the period of warranty.

Please note that tyres are excluded. See our team for any concerns regarding your tyre wear; we have tyres and wheel alignments available through our workshop.

Warranty Period

For 3 years from the date the vehicle is first registered, any component failure attributable to faulty materials or workmanship during manufacture will be rectified free of charge by an authorised Volvo dealer.

For 3 years from the date that the vehicle is first registered, any paintwork defects attributable to faulty materials or workmanship during manufacture will be rectified free of charge by an authorised Volvo dealer.

Effective 1st January 2020, for 8 years from the date that the vehicle is first registered, any material defect of the hybrid Lithium battery pack will be rectified free of charge by an authorised Volvo dealer.

The Lithium battery fitted to Volvo hybrids, like all lithium batteries, will experience gradual capacity loss with time and use. Loss of battery capacity due to or resulting from normal gradual capacity loss is not covered under the Volvo new car warranty.

The Volvo Warranty applies providing:

  • That the vehicle is used according to specifications in the owner’s handbook
  • That the prescribed maintenance services are carried out at the correct intervals
  • That only genuine Volvo parts are used, and also that all repairs are carried out by a authorised Volvo dealer
  • That the vehicle has not been modified from the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Use for hire or reward, competition or for driver training/instruction may void your Warranty.
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What Are Scheduled Maintenance Items?

Parts that will be replaced as part of the normal service schedule are covered for manufacturing defects. The period of cover will apply up to the part’s first scheduled service change point and not exceed the time and mileage limitation of the vehicle warranty.

Items covered under this are: spark plugs, oil filters, air filters, pollen filters, fuel filters, drive belts and lubricants.

Warranty Terms, Conditions, and Exclusions

The warranty does not cover items that are subject to adjustment or replacement during normal service or maintenance operations (unless the work is required as a direct result of manufacturing defect). This applies to the following items:

  • Replacement or “top up” of consumable fluids, i.e. oils anti-freeze, brake fluid, windscreen wash solution and air conditioning refrigerant
  • Wiper blades
  • Oil filters, air filters, pollen filters and fuel filters
  • All lightbulbs (interior and exterior)
  • Drive belts – replacement or adjustment
  • Wheel alignment/balancing
  • Lubrication
  • Engine tuning (non-genuine)
  • Spark plugs
  • Brake pads/shoes/discs replacement due to wear

Volvo is not responsible for any repair or replacement that is required as a direct result of:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Failure to properly maintain the vehicle in accordance with Volvo’s maintenance schedules and service instructions
  • Failure to use Volvo specified parts or fluids (or parts of equivalent quality)
  • Damage resulting from neglect, accident or improper use
  • Unauthorised modifications of the vehicle or parts (modifications outside of Volvo’s specifications)
  • Tuning
  • Refilling or topping up with incorrect fuel, e.g. petrol used instead of diesel
  • Use of bio diesel or bio ethanol alternative fuels in concentrations that exceed 5%

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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