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Porsche Service Plans

Here at Archibalds Porsche, the official Porsche service centre for the South Island, we take looking after your Porsche very seriously. Because a serious car like a Porsche deserves the very best. Purchasing a Porsche Service Plan is the best way to ensure that your Porsche is looked after in the best way it can be, and allows you to get the most out of your service and your Porsche.

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Are you a Porsche owner based further away from Christchurch? Be sure to learn more about your options for official Porsche servicing in Queenstown and Nelson.

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Specialty team

Our team of skilled technicians are trained and certified by Porsche AG and use state-of-the-art equipment, they also receive ongoing updates to their training, to stay up to date with the latest and  greatest advancements in Porsche care. This highly skilled team genuinely understand how Porsche components wear and change over time. That’s why they are able to recommend service intervals, and give helpful tips on how to keep your Porsche at optimum performance. Whether you have a classic Porsche or a brand new one the team will have you covered.


At Archibalds Porsche we understand that a service can be a daunting process. We make sure both you and your car are looked after, by being honest with you. We have no hidden costs and use standard labour times, giving you the upfront costs without the grey areas. You will receive a detailed report explaining everything, as well as advice on potential future issues and good maintenance practice, ensuring you save money while looking after your Porsche by catching the issues early.

Please feel free to enquire if you have any questions at all, the service team are always happy to share their knowledge.

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The Porsche Scheduled Maintenance Package

The Porsche Scheduled Maintenance Package is a Porsche Service Plan available to purchase for most Porsche models*.  A Porsche Scheduled Maintenance Package can be purchased in 2 to 6-year intervals based on your vehicles last service, completed at an Official Porsche Centre, like ours. If you have not had your vehicle serviced at an Official Porsche Centre, after a completed service, you are able to purchase a maintenance package

The Porsche Scheduled Maintenance Package is a maintenance package available to purchase for most Porsche models (718, 911, Macan, Cayenne, Panamera and Taycan vehicles) from 2011* onward via the New Zealand Official Porsche Centres. The programme is underwritten and administered by Porsche New Zealand (European Motors Limited) and is in addition to the warranty programmes, provided by the manufacturer detailed in the owner’s Warranty & Maintenance or Guarantee and Maintenance booklet located in the vehicles leather wallet that also contains the Driver’s Manual.

If your vehicle does not have a complete service history, a maintenance service can be completed, and a package sold based on that service.

Own a classic Porsche?

Being the only official Porsche servicing centre in the South Island, we’re here for all Porsche owners. Ask our team about how we can offer the best possible option for the care of your classic Porsche, because special cars deserve special servicing.

What’s included?

All vehicle scheduled maintenance, inclusive of parts and lubricants, according to the vehicle maintenance schedule as outlined in the Warranty & Maintenance or Guarantee and Maintenance manual are included. However, it does not include service repairs or the replacement of parts due to wear & tear. For example, but not limited to wiper rubbers, brakes, wheel alignment’s etc.

What do I pay for?

You are responsible for all expenses not falling within the scope of the manufacturer’s warranty or the scheduled maintenance requirements. For example, but not limited to: petrol, tyres, vehicle licensing, insurance, accident damage, wiper rubbers, brakes, and wheel alignments.

When does it expire?

The Porsche Scheduled Maintenance Plan will terminate on the earlier of:

  • Upon expiry of the term selected at time of purchase
  • Upon completion of the allocated services purchased
  • If the vehicle is sold or traded via a 3rd party Dealer (policies are Transferable between private parties and official Porsche Centres)
  • The Official Porsche Centre should be notified if the vehicle is exported, sold via a 3rd party, or written off

Our service team

James Morton

James Morton
Service Manager

scarlett eynon

Scarlett Eynon
Service Consultant

natasha williams

Natasha Williams
Service Consultant

Alex Kornienko
Porsche Certified Silver Technician & HV Technician

Fabian Engel

Fabian Engel
Porsche Certified Bronze Technician & Certified HV Technician

Ben McCarthy

Ben McCarthy
Porsche Apprentice Technician

Kristin Waters
Porsche Service Groomer

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