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Volvo’s latest safety features

What makes Volvo stand out in safety? Continue reading as we explore some of Volvo’s most recent safety features.

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If Volvo is known for one thing, it is most definitely safety. For decades, and to this day, Volvo has consistently proven themselves in safety testing and has received top marks from the IIHSNHTSA, and the European NCAP for safety testing and evaluation. While it is proven that Volvo cars are some of the safest on the market, it is important for you as an informed buyer to know exactly what makes them stand out in safety.

So why are Volvos considered so safe?

For decades, Volvo has dedicated themselves to developing innovative safety features, placing great emphasis on accident prevention. Among their accomplishments, Volvo was the pioneer in enhancing side impact protection through strengthened seating, structural upgrades, and the introduction of side-impact airbags.

Since 2003, Volvo cars have been fitted with blind spot protection, which uses cameras to detect other cars and issues a warning when one enters the vehicle’s side or rear blind spot. Meanwhile, since 2008 Volvo vehicles have had the ability to identify other vehicles, pedestrians, and animals in the roadway and will automatically apply the brakes if a potential collision is detected.

To help prevent accidents caused by driver inattention, poor road conditions, or fatigue, Volvo cars now feature a lane-keeping pilot assist system that monitors the road and nearby vehicles to make adjustments if the driver makes an inadvertent manoeuvre.

Volvo prioritises not only the safety of its customers, but also everyone else around. Volvo has generously made their safety patents available to other manufacturers, while also releasing more than 40 years of car crash research, covering over 40,000 accidents and 70,000 people.

In doing so, Volvo hopes that ALL manufacturers can create safer vehicles and therefore improve vehicle safety for everyone.


Volvo has been public about their vision aimed at achieving zero deaths or serious injuries for those driving new Volvo vehicles. The strategy involves advanced autonomous driving and AI technology, including features like accident prevention, lane keep assist, and blind spot detection. This ambitious goal has spurred Volvo to relentlessly research, innovate, and improve their safety measures, putting them ahead of other manufacturers in the industry. Today, we see these features in Volvo’s latest vehicles.

Here are some of Volvo’s latest features:

Volvo Lidar


Driven by Volvo’s vision to achieve zero collision, lidar, and an AI-driven super computer standard is incorporated into Volvo’s next generation of electric cars. This allows for improved safety features over the air and gradually assists with unsupervised autonomous driving.

Autonomous driving

The next generation of Volvo vehicles will be able to provide fully safe and unsupervised autonomous driving.

Driver Understanding system

Driver understanding system

A two-camera system detects when the driver becomes distracted, sleepy, or even intoxicated. Once it detects this, the system will activate a protective shield and take appropriate counter measures – from reducing speed to braking to a complete stop – to help keep you safe when needed.

Existing range of safety features that can help prevent a crash or mitigate the impact of it:

  • Collision avoidance
  • Lane keeping aid
  • Run-off mitigation
  • Cross alert with auto brake
  • Blind spot information system (BLIS)
  • Surround camera

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