Volvo EX39 Full-electric Small Suv

The Fully Electric Volvo EX30

Volvo has shared a press release on the launch of the Volvo EX30, a small electric SUV designed to make people’s lives safer, more convenient, and more enjoyable. It’s also designed to have the lowest CO2 footprint of any Volvo car to date, while offering customers plenty of range.

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Global reveal at 12.30am, 8 June NZT via the Volvo Cars Youtube channel:

State-of-the-art protective safety

It’s our smallest ever SUV, but the forthcoming, all-electric Volvo EX30 is big on safety, thanks to our 96 years of leadership and innovation in this area. We’re a leader in safety, always have been and always will be, and we will not lower our own bar for safety in the EX30 – it looks after both you and others in hectic urban environments.

For example, our forthcoming Volvo EX30 is equipped with a door opening alert, which can warn you through visual and audio cues whenever you’re about to open the door in front of a passing cyclist or other traffic user. The door opening alert is one of several features of our Safe Space Technology on the fully electric Volvo EX30 that illustrate how we’ve applied our high safety standards to our new small SUV. It’s designed to be city-safe with technology specifically aimed at protecting people in busy urban environments.

The lowest carbon footprint of any Volvo car to date

The new Volvo EX30 is a distillation of all the great things about Volvo Cars: a small, fully electric SUV for the modern era, designed to be safe and have a smaller CO2 footprint than any Volvo car ever before.

By tackling emissions across the entire production and lifecycle of the Volvo EX30, we managed to reduce its total carbon footprint over 200,000 kms of driving to below 30 tonnes*. This is a 25 per cent reduction compared to our fully electric C40 and XC40 models – a good step towards our aim to cut our overall CO2 emissions per car by 40 per cent between 2018 and 2025.

Recycled materials all around

So how did we cut the CO2 footprint of the Volvo EX30 to 75 per cent of our current electric models? First of all, designing a smaller car means that you need less material to produce it. Given that aluminium and steel are two of the biggest contributors to production-related CO2 emissions, this is where we and you as a consumer can make a big difference.

On top of that, while we use less steel and aluminium when building our new small SUV, more of it is also recycled content. Around a quarter of all aluminium used in building the car is recycled, as is approximately 17 per cent of all steel used in producing a Volvo EX30, further reducing the environmental impact from those materials.

Downsize without compromise

All this adds up to a car that has a so-called cradle-to-gate CO2 impact of an estimated 18 tonnes. Cradle-to-gate describes the CO2 impact from the extraction of raw materials to the finished car arriving at the dealer, so before it’s driven. In short, the Volvo EX30 gives you as a consumer more scope to downsize and reduce your personal CO2 impact, without having to compromise on safety, driving comfort or convenience. That’s a good thing for you as a driver, and less damaging to the environment.

Space, smart storage and intuitive tech

The new, fully electric Volvo EX30 is not just designed for safety and increased sustainability, it also aims to make your life more convenient, more relaxing and more enjoyable through cutting-edge tech and considerate Scandinavian design.

Our new small SUV has a stylish interior that embraces sustainable thinking, while carefully crafted compilations of materials enhance the distinct graphic design of the interior. With recycled and renewable materials such as denim, flax and wool, as well as a variety of expressive colours and textures, our interior has responsible design at its core. And when you interact with the EX30, it offers a contextual user experience, smartly removing complexity for more focused and enjoyable driving on a single screen. On top of that, features such as a soundbar covering the entire width of the dashboard – the first of its kind in a car – and an array of smart storage ideas combine to deliver a big-car experience with less.

Volvo Cars New Zealand

Ben Montgomery, General Manager at Volvo Cars New Zealand “The new Volvo EX30 will be revealed on 8th June and will be available for reservations from the same date. New Zealand expects to see the EX30 in early 2024 with pricing to be revealed in the next few months.”

*The small print

  • The carbon footprint calculation of below 30 tonnes over 200,000 kms of driving is based on usage of charging electricity from the EU27 electricity mix.
  • The lowest carbon footprint of any Volvo car to date statement relates to globally available products over 200,000 kms of driving.
  • Car specifications and the exact customer offer may vary from one country
  • Carbon footprint and cradle-to-gate CO2 values based on assessment.

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