• The Volvo EX30 in sky blue

Experience the Rooms and Many Details of the EX30

The new EX30 has won multiple awards and garnered many accolades since its release, with the majority focused on its incredible functionality, utility, and electrification. However, not only aspects like this were focused upon when designing the EX30. A significant investment of time, energy, and specialty advice went into crafting the smallest SUV with the most environmentally sound, ergonomic, and urban interiors.

Inside the EX30, the Volvo team has engineered the cabin to have four “expressions” that determine the style of the vehicle’s “room”. Two of the interior rooms feature recycling as their theme, while the other two, nature.

Each unique room includes exclusive materials and designs that match their themes and fit their style.


Inside the volvo EX30 Breeze interiors


The “Breeze” room features a 3D pixel knit fabric that covers the seating. 3D knitting is a technique lending itself from the fashion industry where only the area needed is knitted for, this, therefore, reduces waste.

Another technique used is “loops”. This is often used to create the decorative look of a lace pattern or eyelets, in Volvo’s case, they’ve chosen to create a ‘pixelised’ appearance. The yarn provided to build the seat fabrication is also made of 100% recycled polyester PET bottles.

Another key eco-conscious decorative feature that Volvo has featured in the EX30 is the ‘particle’ interior that lines the frame of the car. This material is made of pallets from recycled window frames, which mimic the look of the Nordic night sky.

Pixel Interiors Volvo X30 Breeze
Volvo steering wheel with Nordico in the EX30
Volvo interiors EX30 Nordico


Indigo expression, which also falls under the recycling theme uses similar elements to Breeze, with one major change: the fabric throughout.  The vehicle is decked out in one of the most worn clothing items in the Western world, denim jeans. Waste material from the denim recycling process is shredded, twisted, and remade into the premium EX30 denim décor. Not only does this contribute to the EX30 having the smallest carbon footprint out of any current electric model, but it also helps continue towards a circular economy.

Indigo interiors woolen seat in the Volvo EX30
Volvo EX30 Indigo front space
Backseat view of the indigo room Volvo EX30

The Nature Rooms

The expression choices that fall under the “nature rooms”, are Mist and Pine. As well as using different textiles to best parallel Scandinavian energy, Volvo has placed ambient lighting inside. This adds tonality in colour, and includes slight natural movements, all themes are inspired from the beauty of the Scandinavian outdoors. Themes include Archipelago, Nordic Twilight, Midsummer, Northern Lights, and Forest Bath.

Volvo EX30 Nordic Twilight ambient lighting


Mist has been inspired by dawn’s first light, capturing the beauty of a lingering fog as it cuts through the light of dawn. It includes the seating upholstered in 30% responsibly sourced wool and 70% recycled polyester, with the interior panels styled with a natural, warm décor of woven flax which is a renewable fibre derived from linseed plants.

Mist EX30 Cupholders front Volvo
Front EX30 Volvo mist panels
Wool blend performance recycled in the Volvo EX30


Pine has been imagined so that it evokes a feeling of serenity and calm from the evergreen Fir forests that occupy the Scandinavian landscapes. With the same upholstery and decorative panels as Mist, Pine sets itself apart with featured “Nordico” material. Nordico is a progressive fabrication invented by Volvo made up of recycled materials such as PET bottles, recycled wine corks, and bio-attributed material from forests in Sweden and Finland.

These materials together help Volvo further embrace the concept of circularity and its goals of being a fully electric vehicle-producing company by 2030, and a climate-neutral company by 2040. The EX30 is just the beginning.

Pine room expression woolen seat headrest in the Volvo EX30
Front of Pine room in Volvo EX30
Inside Volvo EX30 Pine Interiors

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Experience the Rooms and Many Details of the EX30

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