Porsche Taycan Turbo at birdlings flat

Team Review of the Porsche Taycan Turbo EV

Reviewed by Archibalds Photographer and Vehicle Support Specialist, Jack Morgan.

Jack is a professional automotive photographer born and raised in Christchurch. As a car enthusiast, he channeled his passion for cars through his photography, while creating an online presence for himself through his work. Jack has a love for showcasing vehicles in their natural environment and is excited to create more content throughout the beautiful Canterbury scenery.

Jack took the Porsche Taycan Turbo out for the weekend with Porsche New Zealand Photographer Josh Hilliam. 

Jack Morgan

Jack Morgan

Photographer and Vehicle Support Specialist

As far as job perks go, it doesn’t get much better than taking a Porsche Taycan Turbo EV home for the weekend.  

Recently, I had the chance to take the Taycan Turbo EV out to Birdlings Flat. This beautiful location is a short drive south of Canterbury and is my personal favourite location to view some of the most beautiful sunsets. I was accompanied by Porsche NZ photographer, Josh Hilliam, to capture some photos in the stunning early afternoon light.  

As far as driving experience goes, there’s nothing quite like an electric car, especially when it’s designed by Porsche. Across the entire brand, Porsche’s primary focus has always been creating a driver’s car. Everything about the Taycan has been enhanced to be a performance vehicle, from the suspension and the aerodynamics to the wheels and tyres. You know from the second you sit inside the cockpit you’re in a Porsche. As you look around inside, you feel like you’re in a spaceship. Technology surrounds you, with customisable lighting and digital displays, allowing you to personalise your Taycan based on your preferences. 

Porsche Taycan Turbo parked on road with cows behind


In a world full of ever evolving technology, the automotive industry is undertaking a new era. The era for a cleaner, greener future. With more electric vehicles on the market comes more questions about performance. One main question we get asked here at Archibalds is – are we sacrificing vehicle performance for comfort and range? Well, I have some good news for you – Porsche is still the same brand as it’s always been, with the same focus of creating a driver-oriented performance car.  

The Taycan is equipped with a 2-speed electric motor that creates a whopping 680hp or 500kW of power. This propels the Taycan to 100km/h in just under 3.2 seconds! Now, if you’ve never felt the torque from an electric motor, let me describe it for you. Imagine you’re strapped into the world’s most luxurious roller coaster that’s ready to be launched. You’re looking at the rails ahead, waiting to feel the G-forces that put you in the back of your seat. Suddenly, you’re sent forward, head pinned to the head rest, heart in your throat, and a wave of excitement overwhelms you. The howls of laughter and joy from your passengers light up your face with a smile as you lift off the accelerator. It truly is something special.  

The newly developed two-speed transmission on the rear axle enhances the driving dynamics. The short first gear benefits initial launch, while the second gear holds the acceleration for high-speed maneuvers. The combination of this new drive motor, transmission, and battery results in some impressive performance and efficiency. 

Now as amazing as acceleration is, there’s obviously a lot of other determining factors to judge a vehicle’s performance. So how does the rest of it stack up? Honestly, it’s incredible. With five dynamic drive modes, the Taycan offers a solution for every style of driving. Let’s run through each drive mode. 

Porsche Taycan Turbo at lake forsyth

Range Mode 

When selecting Range Mode, the car will make many changes to reduce energy consumption to extend your distance. It does this with multiple methods, including restricting the max speed to 100km/h, lowering the suspension for aerodynamics and comfort, dampens throttle response, and switches the AC to Eco mode. 

Normal Mode 

Normal Mode, as the name suggests, is the standard operating mode for the Taycan. In this setting, the Taycan delivers its power output on a linear basis, with all four wheels driven in efficiency mode. The cooling air flaps are only open when necessary, the rear spoiler adjusts depending on the speed, and the chassis lowers as needed.  

Sport Mode 

In Sport Mode, the systems are set for enhanced performance. Damping and spring rate are adjusted to sporty driving, battery cooling, and a stiffened chassis.  

Sport Plus 

Finally, when you select the Taycans best performance mode, Sport Plus, these systems are honed even further. The chassis descends to its lowest level, the front air intake flaps open on demand and other systems, such as the rear-axle steering or chassis, are primed for maximum performance. This mode really takes the driving experience to a new level.  

Individual Mode

Individual mode allows the combination of all four modes, to tailor the performance of the vehicle to your needs.

Overall, it’s clear that Porsche has done an incredible job at creating a performance-orientated electric vehicle and driving the roads towards Birdlings Flat certainly reaffirmed that for me. Driving on the windy roads felt like I was floating.  

Porsche Taycan Turbo looking out at Lake Forsyth

Interior and Comfort

Inside the interior of the Taycan you’ll find a simple and minimalist design. The basic features of the interior architecture are sporty and clear; with a wing extending from the centre console that catches your eye and appears to float. The cockpit displays are clearly driver-oriented, which allows you to keep an eye on the most important driving information. The ascending centre console underlines the deep, sporty position of the driver’s seat. The 14-way adjustable seats with heating and cooling allow for unparalleled comfort. As you grip the steering wheel, it’s clear to see that the Taycan has been tailor-made for you.  

The recessed design of the battery allows for some of the most passenger leg room among any luxury car on the market. The rear passenger seats also come equipped with a 5.9-inch rear touchscreen display that can operate comfort features, such as temperature, ventilation, and seat heating. In addition to this, the front passenger has their own 10.9-inch display allowing access to navigation, infotainment functions, CarPlay, route planning, and even driver instrument clusters via the cockpit view.  

As a sports car, you’d expect it to be quite small and compact, however it’s not at all. I was surprised by the Taycan’s size. Coming in at just under 5 metres long and 1.4 metres tall, the Taycan is rather large. This extra space is felt in the spacious cockpit. The 84-litre front luggage compartment and 366-litre rear luggage compartment allows for plenty of gear to take on your road trips.  

To add to the plethora of comfort features, the internal AC has a cool and unique control selection. Using the driver and passenger displays, simply drag the points on screen to adjust the direction of the airflow, select your desired level of air flow and temperature, and you’re away. Gone are the days of manually adjusting vents to get your desired level of comfort. 

Porsche Taycan Turbo interior shot

Being an electric car, the lack of sound often leaves you listening to the sound of the tyres on the road. Porsche knew this, and with a premium car comes a premium sound system. The Taycan comes standard with a Bose Surround Sound System with an output of 710 watts. This sound system is a seriously impressive set up, you can feel the thunderous bass, the smaller notes, and crisp midtones. Any music enthusiast will love the audio experience in the Taycan, it adds an extra bit of enjoyment to all your road trip journeys.  

Porsche Taycan Turbo at sunset at birdlings flat

Battery Range

EV batteries have been a controversial point of discussion for the new age of cars. Many people argue that range is most important, while others value performance instead. Well, Porsche said why not both? The Taycan Turbo comes standard with the 800-volt Performance Battery Plus. This battery enables the car to power two permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors. The effect; superior driving dynamics and all-wheel drive that can be optimally adjusted to the fluctuation between efficiency and dynamics in the various driving modes.  

Porsche Taycan Turbo at Birdlings Flat

From my own experience with the Taycan, I found the battery range to be perfect for day to day usage. I began my journey with just under 300km of range and found the range to be enough for the trip to Birdlings Flat and back. While launching the Taycan does often reduce the range, cruising at the speed limit can often achieve great distance.  

On my second day with the car, I decided to test out the charging times at my local New World supermarket. An EV charging station downloadable app allows you to connect your card seamlessly and pay automatically while you charge. While the personal home charger produces charging speeds to 80% in 20 minutes, the public charger only provided me with an additional 120km range from 45 minutes of charge. Although it took a little extra time, the comfortable interior allowed me to charge my phone, enjoy the seat warmer, and watch videos on my phone while connected to the Bose sound system. 

Porsche Taycan Turbo at sunset at birdlings flat

After three days of the most luxurious driving I’ve experienced, my time with the Taycan came to an end. I loved every second of the journey, the addictive launch, incredible speakers, and unparalleled comfort added to the surreal experience of driving the Taycan Turbo. In a world full of new electric cars, this one is my favourite. If you’re in the market for an electric car and want to experience the Taycan for yourself, head into Archibalds Porsche to book a test drive, or get in touch with us here.  

Porsche Taycan in New Zealand

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