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Why Service a Land Rover at an Official Land Rover Service Centre?

If you’ve recently purchased a Land Rover – whether from an official Land Rover dealership, a used vehicle yard, or privately – or even if you’ve been servicing a Land Rover for years, you may still wonder what the benefits are of servicing your Land Rover at an official Land Rover service centre.

All new Land Rovers sold in New Zealand since July 2016 include complimentary scheduled maintenance for up to five years (kilometre limits apply), but once that period is over, or for vehicles that don’t qualify, there are a number of options when it comes to the care of your vehicle. Many third-party service centres in New Zealand may even state that they’re specialists in Land Rovers, perhaps even using unofficial variations on the logo, but there are important differences between those who say they are specialists and those who are officially recognised. Given the risk and the investment you’ve put into your premium brand car, it’s essential to know what these are when your service is due.

To help explain the differences, Land Rover New Zealand reached out to Sam Wallace (TV and radio presenter, car enthusiast, and Driven ambassador) and put together the below video.

A Summary of the Benefits

So you want a nice car? Who doesn’t. Well, licensed retailer? They want to tell you something.

So firstly, why should you get your car serviced by a licensed retailer? Now you might be tempted to shop around and try and find the cheapest service centre, but here’s the thing, the savings are minimal and you could exposure yourself to a fair amount of risk. Especially when you’ve bought a premium brand. You’ve spent a chunk of change, so why would you risk some kind of failure just to save $100 on the servicing?

Land Rover Experiences & Event Invitations

See the thing is the retailers want to create a relationship with you, and that’s more than just the premium service environment, they can also introduce you to a world of drive days, hosted events, and other exclusive experiences that no one else can offer you. So by staying with the network you can be sure you’ll have access to these benefits that have your car’s best interest at heart, and yours? And that gets us excited.

Consistent Processes, Genuine Parts, Known History

By using a licensed retailer you can avoid the unknown. Your retailer will use a consistent process and only genuine parts to ensure that your vehicle is working at its absolute best. Because when you love your car as much as I do you want to know that the people that are working on it are qualified, you also want them to know the history of your car as well, because working with cars with this much technology… well it’s like surgery.

Land Rover Trained Technicians

Your retailer has technicians that are factory trained, that means they’re shown how to maintain your vehicle by the very same people who designed and built it. You can’t buy that kind of knowledge anywhere else.

Re-sale Value

On top of all that, another huge advantage is that they can help keep the value of your vehicle at the top end. Buyers hunt out New Zealand-new vehicles that are serviced by the proper agents that come with the full-service history. It’s that simple.

And in the premium segment preserving those residuals is crucial. Premium retailers want to buy these cars back as trade-ins, which is good news for you because it lowers the cost of your next vehicle.

From the very beginning, from the moment you get to pick out the colour of your car, to all the exclusive events and experiences included in the ownership, not to mention proper mechanical care to protect your vehicle’s performance and value in the future, nobody else can look after you quite like this.

So create a relationship with your licensed retailer. It’ll serve you well.

View more benefits of servicing your Land Rover with Land Rover here.

Canterbury’s Only Official Land Rover Service Centre

Archibalds Land Rover is your official Land Rover Service Centre for Canterbury, with all of the benefits that this entails. Our professional team are here for all your Land Rover needs, from servicing and repairs to WOF and software updates – with a complimentary recall check on every Land Rover that visits our workshop – not to mention wheel alignments, tyres, genuine parts and accessories, and even merchandise.

Learn more about servicing your Land Rover or make a booking online today.

Archibalds Land Rover, 38 Tuam Street, Christchurch (find us on Google Maps) or call 03 377 5200.

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