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What is Land Rover InControl? 

In a world where communication is only a couple of clicks away, it would be hard to find a reason not to connect with one of your most essential tools; your car. Fortunately, Land Rover has created the perfect tool to help you be more InControl of your vehicle 

InControl is a suite of services available to modern Land Rover owners that allow the user to view information on – and even have limited control – of their Land Rover using the Land Rover Remote app.

Compatible with most Android and Apple devices, the Land Rover Remote app allows you to stay connected with your vehicle from anywhere in the world with a data connection. Take control over your vehicle data, climate control, remote lock/unlock, and many more features from the ease of your mobile phone 

Access to the Land Rover Remote app comes standard with all Land Rover vehicles from 2019 and onwards. This means all Archibald’s new vehicles will have connectivity straight away, and our friendly team will be able to walk you through the entire set-up process.

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What features does Land Rover Remote app have?  

The Land Rover Remote app comes equipped with the following features:

Vehicle Status Information  

You can access information about the current fuel level and range, the status of door and window position and locks, and the last parked location of your vehicle 

Vehicle Maintenance Alerts

You will have instant access to any vehicle maintenance issues – such as low fluid levels – and regular updates on your service requirements.  

Journey History    

As an opt-in feature, you will be able to record all your journey history, including your route and mileage statistics, making it even more accessible than ever to track your expense reporting.   

Remote Climate Control    

Everyone knows the struggles of getting in a cold car on a chilly winter morning, but with remote climate control, you can prepare your vehicle in advance, setting the temperature long before you even step inside.*  

*Powered by remotely starting the engine  

Remote Beep and Flash

This feature will turn on your Land Rover’s hazard lights, headlights, and an audible alert, helping you to locate it in a crowded car park.  

Remote lock and unlock  

With just the click of a button, you can unlock or lock your vehicle using the Vehicle Security Screen in the Remote app. Allowing you to single lock doors, arm the alarm, fold in the wing mirrors, and close all windows.  

Remote Alarm Reset

If your vehicle alarm starts going off, you will instantly get a notification on your phone, allowing you to reset it if required.  

 Wake-Up Function  

Certain non-essential Remote features will shut down to conserve battery power if you do not drive your Land Rover for more than four days. Therefore, if you would like to use these services after this period, you can schedule a wake-up, which allows the reactivation of features, such as remote climate control or lock/unlock features. The Remote app features will automatically reactivate the next time you drive your vehicle. 

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Where can I find the app? 

You can find the Remote App on the relevant app store for your device on the links below: 

Download Land Rover Remote on Apple Devices 

Download Land Rover Remote on Android Devices 

To learn more about which of our used vehicles are available with Land Rover InControl, feel free to contact our friendly sales team to learn more.

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