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Experience the ultimate in luxury and performance with the Range Rover Sport 2023: A Comprehensive Review

The new Range Rover Sport is engineered to meet every challenge. Its imposing road presence is derived from its muscular stance, dramatic proportions, and short overhangs.

With its iconic design, cutting-edge technology, and advanced safety features, this new-generation Range Rover Sport delivers an unparalleled driving experience. Whether tackling off-road adventures or exploring the city, the 2023 Range Rover Sport has something for everyone. As a car enthusiast, I jumped at the opportunity to take the brand-new model out for a drive and test it for myself.

Read on to learn more about some of my favourite features of the 2023 Range Rover Sport.

Range Rover Sport hero shot

This year, Range Rover brought a bunch of new variants to the market for the Range Rover Sport. With multiple engines and trim packages, you’ll find the suitable model to fit your budget or lifestyle. Starting from the top, the Range Rover Sport P530 First Edition demands the most attention, with a whopping 523 hp twin-turbo 4.4 litre V8 hiding beneath its hood. This top-of-the-line model is the only vehicle equipped with the Stormer Handling Pack, with the rest expected to receive this option late in 2023. The Sport also offers a 6-cylinder alternative with more options, such as the P440e plug-in hybrid, P400 SE, and the P360 SE with mild-hybrid assist. The D300 SE and D350 HSE are also offered as those that prefer diesel. The Sport will also come in a fully electric variant, expected to arrive in 2024.

The Range Rover Sport exudes sophisticated elegance in its exterior design.  

With 2023 bringing a fresh new look to Range Rover’s top-of-the-line model and some stunning new design language, it was about time for a make-over of the Range Rover Sport. The sleek new approach to design combines a simplistic yet sophisticated look while maintaining the luxurious and comfortable feel it’s known for. Upon first look at the Sport, it’s hard to miss the resemblance to the recently launched 2023 Range Rover. The sleek body style, upright stance, distinctive wheel arches, and grilles combine to create a unique appearance. However, the Sport boasts some additional changes fitting to its name and featuring a much more aggressive and sportier look, with an overall lower stance, larger wheels, and more angular body lines. Additionally, some carbon fibre accents on the bonnet, roof spoiler, front bumper surrounds, side vents and door mirrors are unavailable on the 2023 Range Rover. Some newly designed taillights are also a welcome new addition to the Sport, featuring an innovative, dynamic design that emphasizes its sleek and sporty silhouette. 

Range Rover Sport side profile
Range Rover Sport rear quarter
Range Rover Sport 2023 22" Wheel

The interior of the Sport: Luxury and comfort redefined.  

From the moment I stepped inside the Range Rover Sport, I could immediately notice the resemblance to the 2023 Range Rover. Despite some minor changes, they almost look identical. As the saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The significant developments in interior design have been carried over to the Sport, providing you with the ultimate luxury driving experience. The beautifully crafted leather seats are perfectly designed, leaving you comfortable on all your road trip journeys. The only noticeable difference is found in the centre front compartment area. In the Sport, you have a hidden wireless charging pad directly under the infotainment display. This was a clever play by Land Rover; it keeps your phone out of sight while driving and frees up space for your cup holders. The front compartment on the 2023 Range Rover instead offers two storage areas, as opposed to just one on the Sport.  

Range Rover Sport interior shot

The 11.3-inch touchscreen is also a welcome addition to the 2023 line-up. The curved display makes reflections disappear, making it all the easier to use. The new Pivi Pro system is simple and easy to navigate, with specifically built-in features to make your phone-to-vehicle integration seamless through the Land Rover In Control app. For a vehicle of its size, for some, it can be a challenge to park or maneuver. However, the central display’s sensors and cameras offer you a 360-degree view of your surroundings, making parking a breeze

Range Rover Sport display

One of the most impressive things you’ll notice about the Sport is the insulated and high-quality cabin. Built from high-quality material and insulated windows, the drive feels quiet and comfortable and makes for the perfect ride around town or on long trips. Family buyers will also love the space in the second row and the boot space for your baggage.

Range Rover Sport front dash display

Pricing for the Range Rover Sport 

With many options available, you’ll be sure to find a suitable model. Upon initial release, there are five models and three grades to choose from, with diesel, petrol, hybrid, and full-electric available in late 2024.

Pricing starts from $179,900 plus on-road costs, and goes up to $259,900 for the top-of-the-line First Edition V8. To start the range, the base-spec’ Sport is the Dynamic SE, available for the V6 twin-turbo D300, V6 turbo P400e PHEV, and V6 turbo P510e PHEV. Next, we have Dynamic HSE. This model comes in two engine variants, the twin-turbo V6 D350 and the V6 turbo P510e PHEV. Lastly, the highest spec’ model, the First Edition Autobiography, comes in one option, the Twin-Turbo V8 P530.

Front on shot of Range Rover Sport


In conclusion, driving the Range Rover Sport 2023 was a truly enjoyable and luxurious experience. The vehicle’s smooth handling made it a pleasure to drive, and the comfortable and spacious interior made it feel like a true oasis on the road. The high-tech features and advanced safety systems also added convenience and peace of mind. Overall, the Range Rover Sport exceeded my expectations, and I would highly recommend it to anyone in the market for a high-end SUV.

Watch New Range Rover Sport and stunt driver Jessica Hawkins tackle the Kárahnjúkar Dam spillway. The new Range Rover Sport does not shy away from a challenge.

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