The 2022 F-PACE SVR review

In a world full of electric innovation, it can be hard to find a new car that still features a fully-fledged petrol engine.* The recent announcement of an all-electric Jaguar fleet by 2025, means this could be one of the last generations of the mighty supercharged V8. With limited stock of new vehicles across the globe, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get your hands on one. In this article, we’ll show you exactly why the F-PACE SVR is the ultimate luxury SUV for performance enthusiasts.

*Side note: for those who are interested, we do have hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and EV vehicles in the range as well!

The Jaguar F-PACE SVR SUV parked on the Port Hills

The F-PACE SVR is the ultimate performance SUV you don’t want to miss! 

As a top-of-the-line model, Jaguar Land Rovers Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) department took the F-PACE and did what they do best, by creating the ultimate performance SUV. Despite major performance enhancements, Jaguar focused their time on practicality. Step inside the SVR and you’ll find yourself greeted by a comfortable interior, with bucket loads of space to fit all your gear on your next road trip. 

With a raised ride height and massive wheels, you’d be surprised to learn that the F-PACE floats from corner to corner with ease. Step hard on the gas though, and you’ll instantly feel the full force of the roaring 5.0 litre Supercharged V8. The exhaust sounds fill your ears, and the joy commences. 

Known for building historic sports cars, Jaguar decided to take a sporty approach to the F-PACE. The carefully sculpted design, massive air intakes and cooling vents work in harmony to produce not only an epic design but an epic driving experience too.

Jaguar F-PACE SVR side

A cabin full of luxury, how Jaguar upgraded the SVR’s interior

After undergoing a major redesign in 2021, the F-PACE’s interior now qualifies as top-of-the-line luxury. It has an upscale look, uses excellent materials, and incorporates easy-to-use technology. The Alcantara leather is a brilliant touch on the dash and headliner, while the beautiful Jaguar seats fit your body snuggly. Add to this, the 14-way adjustments always allow for maximum comfort on all your journeys. 

With the refreshment of the interior, Jaguar upgraded the technology responsible for the general operation of the F-PACE. The new Pivi Pro infotainment system really is a breeze to use. Engineered to operate like a smartphone, the 12.3-inch touch screen is simple and sleek, with over 80% of your regular daily operation within just one or two clicks. The added integration of Apple Carplay and Android Auto also makes the connection between your phone and vehicle much simpler.  

The new Pivi Pro system brings with it some great upgrades to driver systems. Reversing and parking have never been easier with the new integrated 360-degree camera, allowing you to see your full surroundings in all situations.

F-Pace SVR Interior Overview

The latest performance upgrades to the 2022 SVR

Unmatched torque, beautiful engine notes, pure exhilaration and raw power. These are just some of the characteristics of the V8 engine that set it apart from all other engines. With the exhaust mode activated, the engine truly comes to life. Crackles and pops become much more pronounced, and the deep rumble fills the cabin. Although toned down slightly from previous generations, you’ll still feel the imense joy of some thunderous downshifts.

The supercharged V8 engine has had a nice upgrade this year, increasing torque to 700nM at 3500rpm, while also shaving off time in the 0-100km/h sprint, bringing the time down to just 4 seconds. For a vehicle weighing all of 2113kg, this certainly is an impressive time. Although relatively heavy, the SVR feels light on its feet. Every press of the accelerator propels you forward and plants you in the back of your seat.  

With such a powerful engine, the transmission also had a significant upgrade. Gear shifts are incredibly smooth, laying down the power evenly while in automatic. Switch into tiptronic though, and you’ll gain the ability to control the power through the entire rev range. Gone are the days of delayed shifts, the near-instant gear changes grants you access to full power at all times. Simply drop a gear and disappear. 

Considering the giant supercharged V8 packed in under the hood, the F-PACE has some decent fuel economy. The SVR averages an urban economy of 15.8 L/100 km, or extra urban economy of 8.9 L/100 km, this totals to a combined economy of 12 L/100 km which gives you roughly 700km of range from the 82-litre fuel tank. 

Jaguar SVR Gear Shifter

Safety Features and Maintenance

As with the launch of most new vehicles, there has been a huge focus on safety. After all, what’s the point of spending a large amount of money on a car that won’t even protect you in the event of a crash? Jaguar has made some improvements to safety features that will help prevent an accident before you can even react yourself. The F-PACE comes standard with front, front side, overhead, and full-length side window curtain airbags. Some of the SVR’s safety features include; 

  • ABS with traction and stability control 
  • Lane keep assistance  
  • Lane departure warning 
  • Automated emergency braking 
  • Adaptive cruise control 
  • Seatbelt pretensioners  
  • Security System 
  • Euro NCAP five stars crash rating with an impressive 93% score for adult occupant protection.  

The F-PACE SVR comes standard with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty. If any part needs repairing or replacing due to a manufacturing fault, the work will be carried out by a Jaguar Authorised Service Centre, using genuine Jaguar parts. Repairs can begin right away, but this may vary as some repairs are subject to approval before they can be completed. 


As far as SUVs go, it doesn’t get much better than this. The experience of driving the F-PACE is unmatched by any other vehicle on the market. World-class luxury, advanced driving technology, and a whole bunch of horsepower make this the ultimate petrol head’s dream. If you’re in the market for an SUV, we highly recommend you take it for a test drive. You won’t regret it.

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