Archibalds Jaguar Mark 1 Discovered in the UK

Jaguar Mark 1 being renovated in a garage, painted black.

A few months ago, we received an interesting message on our website’s live chat function. The message read:

“Hi, I’m in the UK, and a friend imported a 1957 Jaguar MKI from NZ about 5 years ago, and it has a sticker on the dashboard with your company name on it. I was interested to see if the company was still going, so Googled it, and here you are!” – Kim.

Intrigued, we replied, curious to learn more. We discovered that the Jaguar left the New Zealand factory black, but was imported into the UK with a terracotta exterior and white paint interior. We caught up with current owners to learn more about their plans for the Mark 1.

Turns out, the Doyle family are massive Jaguar enthusiasts and racers.

Close up of a Jaguar Mark 1 interior sticker with words saying it was supplied by Archibalds Garage Limited.

Meet the Doyle family – husband and wife Kevin and Denise and son Patrick. In Denise’s words, “to say we are a Jaguar family is probably too soft for our love of all Jaguars.”

She’s not kidding. Kevin and Patrick both race Jaguars and other classics in the UK, Europe, and the USA. Their racing fleet is impressive, with Kevin regularly driving a black 1975 XJ V12 6800cc named Enola Gay and a red and black 1975 6000cc XJ12 coupe named Kittyhawk. Patrick busies himself with a red and black 1990 XJS V12 6000cc named Memphis Belle and a silver Chevrolet Corvette C2, currently seeking a name. Denise, makes the racing tea and provides great comms for curious dealerships like Archibalds :)

A Jaguar and another vehicle racing on a racetrack.

Kevin and Patrick Doyle racing together.

Black Jaguar Mark 1 parked on grass.

‘Enola Gay’ – Black 1975 XJ V12 6800cc

The Mark 1, originally purchased from Archibalds in 1957, is destined for a similar fate. Currently undergoing renovation, the Jaguar has already completed a major makeover – restoring her to her original slick black paint job. The family has named her Shady Lady, honouring the WW2 consolidated B-24 Liberator aircraft that flew one of the war’s longest bombing missions in August 1943. The plane flew from Darwin, Australia to oil refineries at Balikapan in Borneo, Indonesia, over 16 hours and 35 minutes before crash landing on a remote salt pan in Western Australia and then repaired over months with the help of the Aboriginal community. The Shady Lady flew back to base in a historic final take-off.

They acquired the Shady Lady after she was imported by another car enthusiast from New Zealand and are hoping she’ll be race-ready by late 2022. The Doyles still have the original number plate and have acquired her full paperwork from Jaguar Heritage Trust. Denise says the Shady Lady will be very special to the family, making a comfortable home among their impressive fleet of racing vehicles.

Collecting for 45 years, the duo have amassed quite a collection of classic cars and Denise says, “anything that comes home here, more often than not, stays!”

We look forward to seeing what the Shady Lady gets up to and can’t wait to provide our Archibalds family updates. Stay tuned for more.

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