Off-road in Hayden’s 1972 Land Rover

To say Hayden Jones is a Land Rover fan would somehow not be doing his love of his vehicle justice. We ‘met’ Hayden via Instagram (@hayden_jones_series2a) following the awesome videos that he posts, often tagging in @archibaldslandrover. Commonly identified either by the camera strapped to his car or the Stig statue taking pride of place on his bonnet, Hayden is often involved with off-road adventures throughout Canterbury and beyond and publishes videos through his Instagram profile as well as via YouTube.

Keen to learn more, we reached out to Hayden to ask about his 1972 Land Rover Series 2A. Hayden kindly obliged!

“My Land Rover has been a part of my family for over two decades. My dad purchased the Land Rover in 1995, and it already had an engine/gearbox conversion done, which included a Toyota B Diesel engine (3ltr 4 cylinder) and a Toyota Celica 5-speed gearbox. We have been on many memorable 4WD trips in the Central Otago region, where I used to live in Alexandra.”

“While the Land Rover has always been referred to as “the Landy” by friends and family, I believe it deserves a more personalised name. It has been my faithful companion on many off-road adventures, and every time I get behind the wheel, I feel free from the worries of the world. Its simplicity and easy-to-repair design have also allowed me to develop my mechanical skills as a novice.”

Hayden's 1972 Land Rover

“Over the past four years, I’ve made significant improvements to my Land Rover. The old seats, which were in pretty rough shape (the passenger seat was simply an old garage cushion), had to go, so I replaced them with new ones from Exmoor trim.”

Land Rover Seat Restoration
Land Rover Suspension Before and After

“I also spruced up the steering wheel and instrument panel, changed all of the filters and oils, purchased new tires, added reverse lights for better visibility at night, installed new wing mirrors from the Defender line, new parabolic springs and long travel shocks, and a homemade centre cubby box, among other upgrades.”

Land Rover Series 2A in Snow

“For many years, I have been an avid explorer and have enjoyed discovering the beauty and diversity of the south island of New Zealand. Recently, I decided to take my passion to the next level by creating a YouTube channel and Instagram account to share my experiences and inspire others to explore the world.”

“Through my YouTube channel, I share my 4WD experiences and provide helpful tips and advice to fellow offroaders. My goal is to inspire others to step out of their comfort zones and discover the beauty of the world around them.”

“I was lucky enough to be invited on this amazing SERIES 1 ONLY trip into the Mt Whitnow station, a high country NZ farm. This was an incredible trip, with amazing views and some pretty iconic Land Rovers.”

Hayden’s most popular video with over 282,000 views in 5 months.

“Easily our hardest trip we’ve ever done. Consider subscribing to my YouTube so you don’t miss the video.”

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Hayden!

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