Breast Cancer Cure and Volvo event

Volvo x Breast Cancer Cure

With Volvo Cars New Zealand, we are delighted to announce the continuing sponsorship for Breast Cancer Cure. This valuable partnership contributes to research aimed at developing understanding and preventing, managing, and curing cancer.

Throughout the world, New Zealand has the seventh-highest incidence of breast cancer in the world. Compared with neighboring Australia, our country has a 20% higher mortality with the illness currently claiming two women from our nation every day, and one being diagnosed every three hours.

It Begins Here

Breast Cancer Cure is New Zealand’s only not-for-profit organisation dedicated solely to finding a cure for breast cancer. The organisation advocates for advancing breast cancer research to transform it into a manageable condition, increasing women’s ability to overcome it. They achieve this by investing in forward-thinking studies that are focused on prevention, early detection, predictive and prognostic diagnosis, tailored treatment, and expanding their knowledge base around breast cancer and treatment.

With support of the Breast Cancer Cure, the death rate has been slowed by 1%, with 89% of women diagnosed with early breast cancer now surviving for more than five years. For the remaining 11%, there is currently no cure and now more than ever, the Breast Cancer Cure is focusing on this group and the 20-30% who later go on to develop advanced breast cancer.

Celebration For A Cause

For an illness that predominantly affects women, Breast Cancer Cure hosts a range of events every year that incorporate everything a woman wants in a fun day or night out: food, fashion, and friends. One of their most successful affairs is ‘Fashion for a Cure’.  This evening includes a runway show filled to the brim with talented New Zealand fashion designers, a cocktail permanently in hand, canapés wafting around on silver platters, and live auction excitement.

These events are hosted all over the country with the support of generous sponsors, which of course, include Volvo New Zealand.

If you’re a Volvo owner, a customer of Volvo Cars Christchurch, and you’d like to be invited to the event, then stay tuned as invitations will be extended closer to the date of the event. If you simply can’t wait to donate to such a beautiful cause or just want to read up more about the organisation, head on over to the official website, even with the smallest donation, you can do something powerful.

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Breast Cancer Cure and Volvo event

Volvo x Breast Cancer Cure

Through Volvo Car New Zealand, we are proud to support Breast Cancer Cure and all they do for cancer research and those affected by cancer in New Zealand.
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