Audi Future Guarantee: Renew, Return, Retain Explained

In the world of automotive finance, we understand that the myriad of options available can seem overwhelming. We wanted to find a way to simplify these complexities of finance, with a specific focus on Audi Future Value Guarantee (AFVG). As fellow Audi enthusiasts, we share your passion for precision, excellence, and sophistication, and believe that financing your Audi should be as intuitive as driving it.

AFVG is a finance plan that offers Guaranteed Future Value, an attractive way to buy a new Audi. Having paid your initial deposit and your weekly/monthly payments, at the end of the finance term you’ll have the option to renew, retain, or return your Audi.

What better way to explain these three options than to put ourselves in the driver’s seat, with three of our Archibalds marketing team members each embodying a fictional profile and one of the three flexible AFVG options. Our intention is to clearly communicate the benefits of Audi Future Value Guarantee in a way that’s actually relevant to you – with none of the marketing fluff.

It’s worth noting that while these are fictional profiles, they’re based on real life scenarios. Every individual’s circumstances and requirements can vary and we recommend you seek professional advice before entering into any financial contract. Please contact us for more information.

  • Guaranteed Future Value is very common in countries like the UK where it’s often known as a Personal Contract Plan (PCP). In fact, Audi say that 80% of their UK customers choose Audi PCP.

Audi Future Value Guarantee Renew

Audi Future Value Guarantee: Renew, Explained

Emma’s Audi A1 | Renew

The A1 was my first foray into the world of Audi. It was more than just a car; it represented a gateway into luxury vehicle ownership. I purchased it through Audi Future Value Guarantee (AVFG), using the money I received for trading in my old vehicle as part of the deposit.

Three years down the line and the affinity for my A1 has only deepened. With my future value guarantee period coming to a close, I decided to renew my contract. This enabled me to upgrade to the latest 2024 A1 using the equity I’ve built up over the last few years, the difference between the value in the vehicle and the Guaranteed Future Value of it.

AFVG provided me with a sense of security and peace of mind throughout my ownership experience. The knowledge that I was always covered under Audi’s factory new vehicle warranty and service plan alleviated any worries or concerns, so I could fully immerse myself in the joys of owning an Audi – and the next!

AFVG return

Audi Future Value Guarantee: Return, Explained

Ash’s Audi Q4 e-tron | Return

As a business owner, I’m conscious about sustainability, cash flow, and assets. Purchasing my Q4 e-tron through Audi Future Value Guarantee was the obvious choice for me, primarily because I found it offers greater financial transparency long-term than traditional finance, enabling me to make informed financial decisions about the future.

Choosing to utilise the AFVG programme for my electric vehicle proved to be a strategic move that not only shielded me from any typical depreciation associated with vehicle ownership but also bolstered the financial flexibility of my business endeavours. With AFVG, I gained the assurance of a guaranteed future value for my Q4 e-tron, ensuring that my investment remained protected against any market fluctuations. I knew the exact amount I was going to receive for my vehicle on return while others worried about varying resale value. One of the selling points of AFVG for me was the impact on my business’s cash flow, as I found it freed-up more cash flow than my previous traditional vehicle lease provided.

I recently expanded my business, basing myself overseas for a few years. I decided to return my Q4 e-tron at the conclusion of my AFVG period. Rather than dealing with the complexities of selling the vehicle privately or navigating uncertainties of the resale market, returning the Q4 e-tron was as simple as handing over the keys. This streamlined approach saved me valuable time and provided me peace of mind.

AFVG retain

Audi Future Value Guarantee: Retain, Explained

Mark’s Audi RS 4 | Retain

I’ve long been an Audi driver and enthusiast, yet acquiring my RS 4 introduced me to Audi Future Value Guarantee for the first time.

The RS 4 holds significance beyond just a vehicle, proving to me the performance of a sports car and the functionality of a family car aren’t mutually exclusive. From the moment we took it for a drive, I knew it was a vehicle we wouldn’t be parting with anytime soon.

Purchasing and subsequently deciding to retain my RS 4 was an easy choice. There is a myriad of existing avenues for entering into vehicle ownership, however, only AFVG provides our second-biggest investment with an assured future value. At the conclusion of our contracted period, I decided to retain the RS 4 by paying off the final balloon payment (although I liked having the option to refinance this if I needed to).

Supporting this decision was Audi’s outstanding attention to models beyond their initial new vehicle benefits period, exemplified by programmes like Audi Approved :plus Warranties.

Audi Finance with Archibalds Audi

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We hope these examples have not only simplified the complexities of AFVG but also allowed you the opportunity to picture yourself in the driver’s seat.

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